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Holistic Wellness Coaching

Living authentically, intentionally and purposefully.

You are about to embark on a journey that requires your full engagement in order to get from where you are now to where you want to be. You will learn about yourself, experiment with new tools and mindsets, and explore how your story fits into the bigger picture.

Know Your Unique Design

Identify your authenticity by unfolding your values, passions & gifts.

Know What's In Your Toolbox

Become aware of your experiences, achievements, lessons and knowledge.

Know Your Inner Powers

Discover your WHY, the fuel that energizes your everyday life, the force that keeps you going.

Know Your Roadmap

Gain clarity about what your mission is and a specific plan of action going forward.


Questions, not answers.

It's not about giving you answers, it's about asking you questions. My role is not giving you advice but support you along the way to find the resources within you. Being guided to self-explore and cultivate the learning attitude towards yourself and your life.


Challenge for reflection.

Holding up a mirror so that you can see yourself. Tapping into the art of conversation sustained by a non-judgemental frame to allow you to see both the patterns you have been commited to so far and some new perspectives to follow from now on.


Change over comfort.

You’ll shatter the self-imposed limits that have stopped you so far & you'll step up in the face of challenges to awaken your potential and start doing what you really want to do. You either change your life conditions or you change the blueprint you've been attached to. There's no in between.

What you need to know

Holistic Wellness Coaching ?

Holistic Wellness Coaching is the right choice if:

  • you need guidance on how to cultivate daily inner peace and calm
  • you feel disconnected from your mind, body and soul
  • you seek for a wholesome approach to health and wellness
  • you seek compassionate support and informative advice on how to become your best self
  • you are willing to implement sustainable changes to improve your health, well-being and happiness

Topics that we can focus on:

  • Self-discovery & development
  • Mindfulness
  • Habit building
  • Healthy routines, mindsets, beliefs and behaviors
  • Self-care rituals
  • Mental and emotional blockages
  • Harmony with yourself, others and the Universe
  • Lifestyle practices
  • Life purpose
  • Relationships

How does the coaching experience look like?

  • Individual online session: 50 minutes
  • Email support, if needed
  • We work together and explore your challenges and support your intentions

Holistic Wellness Coaching

One individual online session – 50EUR

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