From mess to message

We all carry emotional baggage up to a certain degree – painful childhood memories, grief over the loss of a loved one, devastation after a breakup, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, failure, shame, guilt, frustration. sorrow and the list can go on. We often turn our back on these kinds of emotions, burying them deeply into our self, hoping that they will go away if we don’t give them attention. Unfortunately, shutting down our emotions does not prevent them from influencing our lives negatively, and with time, if not dealt with properly, they become trapped into our bodies, holding us back from living a fulfilling life. The consequences come in form of patterns, triggers, diseases, pain, psychological projection, all of which are responsible for certain emotions trying to signal that something is off on an energetical level.  An emotion is the body’s reaction to the mind’s activity. And the truth is that it takes more effort and energy to keep the emotions blocked inside us than to confront and release them.

Freeing from your mind – You may have noticed that you easily get caught in your own created mental movie. This voice inside your head, along with the projected images, may either evoke the past or imagine possible future situations. Most of the times, your inner dialogue is not relevant for the current situation you’re dealing with, but sometimes, even if it is, it is translated into the present in terms of your past. In other words, you evaluate the present moment through the lens of your past because your mind has been conditioned by your past experiences.

What can you do? Start listening to that voice. Become aware of your repetitive thoughts or thought patterns, but also of your consciousness witnessing your mind. Create inside space to be able to detach, take a step back and observe your thoughts as you were watching a Netflix movie. You are the observer, not the TV screen.

The fear of losing your identity – If you had been carrying your pain for a long time, you may be resistant to any initiative of changing your state of being due to your unconscious attachment to the pain. You’ve been living your life in the shadow of your pain and this had become your false identity. On an unconscious level, your mind has created your self around your pain, and it is afraid of letting it go, because it doesn’t know who it is without it. Thus, it’s easier for you to continue living the way you’re used to, even if it means staying in pain, than jumping into the unknown and losing the familiarity of it all. Remember that this self is inaccurate and he feeds himself with your fear of change. The more you let it control you, the more you give your power away and distance yourself for your true identify. You may say you don’t want your pain and I believe you, but observe how your thinking and behaviors are designed to make the pain stick.

I’ve been there. I went down slowly to a complete inward solitude, bouncing from one negative thought to another. My inner essence had already been layered with the deep conditioning of anxiety, so this event just amplified my inner state.

My body had shut down. Feeling empty and lifeless, I was transitioning through a time of darkness, feeling trapped in a tunnel without any glimpse of light. Only now I can see it actually as a time of transformation. I had built this personal prison within, fuelled with aches and pains, obsessive reflection, crying. It was the moment I felt the need to turn to research about methods, tools, books, meditation, podcasts, gaining knowledge from experts who have gone through difficult life situations. I began to experience tiny internal shifts, but I couldn’t keep up always. Every day was a struggle, an inside battle between my current and my desired way of living. It was a low and unsteady process as the journey was unfolding until one day when I got excited with a new idea for me up to that point. My obstacles fuelled me to go further into learning how to heal myself from within and ignited the deep calling in my soul to guide others back home to their most authentic selves.

Given my own experience, struggling with inner peace and finding balance and happiness, I am now a holistic life coach and aspire to lead others into their own empowerment self-authenticity and love. My heart deeply yearns for being a light for others, helping navigate through the darkness. We each hold the innate power within to heal, but sometimes a little guidance in the right direction could be needed to begin to uncover it.

That’s why I translated all my pain and suffering into a powerful resource to help other people who are struggling. This is how Detox Your Lifestyle Workbook was born, an in depth self-discovery workbook to reveal who you are, reconnect with your truth, figure out what you should do with your life and start living authentically. Holistically approached, it nurtures your body, mind and soul to help you create a lifestyle of wholeness, balance and purpose. An experience for those who need space to breathe, to heal, to connect, to create and bloom.

The workbook is self-paced and self-directed, offering you the tools and strategies to help you step back from all the noise, uncover what really matters to you and take control of your life. The powerful questions, practices and exercises will create an intimate, safe place for you to capitalize on your power within, supporting your transformation and growth and revealing the best version of you.