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Hey there. I'm Miki.

I am interested in the journey of personal evolution, self-discovery and life design. Hungry for experiences, eager to keep learning and passionate about inspiring people to do the same.

Psychology Bachelor & Master Degrees

Life Coaching Certification

Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) Course

Life Pupose Online Certification



I always saw myself as a wanderer, going nowhere, while the rest of the world seemed to have all mapped out. Though, not walking in a straight line is what got me to this point I'm grateful for. It feels so rewarding to finally turn my multidisciplinary approach, thought to be a drawback, into my core distinction.



I have always aimed for freedom, thinking it is the ultimate life goal for myself. What I missed back then was the dualism of the concept: freedom from & freedom for, as well as understanding the responsability that comes with it.



I had no passions and I couldn't identify with nothing around me whatsoever. I had a feeling I could do great things, but I was drowning in the darkness.



I had a strong feeling that there's more to life which made it impossible for me to settle. I had no idea I would be able to support myself living my purpose, but I had a fire inside me that I couldn't put down.

Puzzle pieces

I am the founder of Soulmys, a holistic wellness lifestyle brand that blends modern living with true inside happiness. I provide empowering tools and services to guide and support you on your journey to mindfulness, balance and purpose.

The difficult wandering process I undertook both within myself and out in the world is what got me to this point I’m grateful for. I finally came to see how my puzzle pieces, thought to be from different sets, created a new, unique life visual for me, turning my multidisciplinary approach into my core distinction.

In 2019, my life turning point, I decided to get creative with my pain and design something that could help others with their healing process. I came to realise that it is my path to overcome my struggles and then share what I have learned with people around me.

A snapshot into my life

I am a deep thinker and an even bigger dreamer. At 19 years old, my curiosity led me to study psychology, and it became the foundation for my open-minded personality, following into reading and learning about personal growth, meditation, spirituality, laws of Universe and more.

When I finalized my education, I thought I had everything figured out. I knew the path I wanted to go on, I was aware of the steps I needed to make and though, it didn’t seem simple, it seemed predictable. In what followed, I found myself in different professional roles, wandering around trying to find some fulfilment in my life. And it kept lacking. From HR to Communications to Social Media departments, I couldn’t settle with being ok. I wanted more; I deeply desired to wake up with excitement and hoped for making in difference in the environment I was a part of. I was not happy and I felt I wasn’t elevating anymore.

My intuition told me to go and so I did

So, I quit my latest job. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do, of how will I manage to make a living out of it, but I was feeding my soul with creative concepts that sparked the light of freedom that I was seeking desperately.

I ended up following two completely different niches, in different times, always thinking and rethinking my personal brand and services to offer. As the days went by, I reached very low levels of self-confidence, personal worth and deep anxiety, worrying repeatedly about how I’m not going to make it. I was so afraid of people coming back to me saying “I told you so”. I also hit rock bottom financially, which was adding up pressure to my current unbalanced state.

I experienced confusion, questioning, learning, falling, rewriting my limiting beliefs, fighting blockages. I felt I was going nowhere, while all my friends seemed so clear with their paths, growing accountability and finances. I was lost.

From mess to message

The breakup that came afterwards literally destroyed me. I went down slowly to a complete inward solitude, bouncing from one negative thought to another. My inner essence had already been layered with the deep conditioning of anxiety, so this event just amplified my inner state.

My body had shut down. Feeling empty and lifeless, I was transitioning through a time of darkness, feeling trapped in a tunnel without any glimpse of light. Only now I can see it actually as a time of transformation. I had built this personal prison within, fuelled with aches and pains, obsessive reflection, crying. It was the moment I felt the need to turn to research about methods, tools, books, meditation, podcasts, gaining knowledge from experts who have gone through difficult life situations. I began to experience tiny internal shifts, but I couldn’t keep up always. Every day was a struggle, an inside battle between my current and my desired way of living. It was a low and unsteady process as the journey was unfolding until one day when I got excited with a new idea for me up to that point. My obstacles fuelled me to go further into learning how to heal myself from within and ignited the deep calling in my soul to guide others back home to their most authentic selves.

My heart deeply yearns for being a light for others, helping navigate through the darkness. We each hold the innate power within to heal, but sometimes a little guidance in the right direction could be needed to begin to uncover it.
Every moment is an opportunity to try again.