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What if you could have the tools to design a lifestyle you love and make it your reality?

Introducing: Detox Your Lifestyle

Here's what you'll get with the workbook

Workbook overview: what's included

Introductory module: Prepare your outer and inner world to get fully ready for the journey

Module 1: Become aware of your mental map that you acquired over the years, notice and understand your emotional triggers, watch over your self-talk, reflect and engage to let go of your thinking, emotional & behavioural repetitive patterns.

Module 2: Understand your harmful emotions and process your painful experiences by learning to access the act of forgiveness, engaging with self-compassion, and valuing the powerful lessons that lie underneath.

Module 3: Peel away the layers to better understand your true self, unlearn what has been holding you back and master your mindset for a purposeful life.

Module 4: Take a look at your unique design, figure out what truly matters to you, find you why and clarify your vision to keep you focused on achieving your dreams and live your life to its full potential.

Module 5: Identify and eliminate your irrational thoughts and limiting beliefs, understand where you are right now and where you want to go, figure out the steps you need to take, and tap into elevated emotions to manifest everything you want.

Module 6: Engage your motivation, learn strategies to set up your goals, break your dreams into manageable actions, overcome procrastination and approach new habits into your lifestyle.

How to use this workbook

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This workbook encapsulates so much from so many areas of self-development. I can't say I've ever read a book which covers so much. It's most reflective of the work I've done with my coach - not surprinsingly when it's written by a coach - and the whole workbook has a psychological underpinning which shows it will help you with self-development at a deeper level. Not just your external habits and environment, but your deep rooted toxic, your cognition and mindset, and helping you to genuinely uncover your authentic self.

If I was to recommend any resource or tool for self-development, this would be it.


For the last 2 weeks I have been using the Detox Your Lifestyle Workbook & I've absolutely loved it.

There's been tears, laughter & smiles whilst working through it. It supports you to challenge your negative thoughts, reflect on your life and helps you in asking yourself some really important questions.

There are loads of grounding exercises which you can do in the comfort of your own home and I will definitely come back to these in times of need.


I have just purchased the workbook. Very powerful questions and great tools in the self-development world. Knowing that the author of the workbook has a master degree in psychology and life coaching certification is a real credential.


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