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Concept Story

What Is Soulmys?

SOULMYS comes from two words: Soul (English) + Mys (Swedish).

/səʊl/ A person’s inner character, containing their true thoughts and feelings | the moral or emotional nature of a human being | spiritual or emotional warmth

/miːs/ Slowing down, getting comfortable and enjoying oneself, especially at home, having some time away from the stressful outside world.

Soulmys is a feeling of cosiness for the soul, a wandering experience inward, a lifestyle of serving your purpose, an ambiance of following your heart. Being in the moment and enjoying yourself with all senses, taking time to reconnect with the essence of who you truly are.
The art of reaching inside happiness.

Soulmys Creates

A New Visual World.

It shatters the old and builds the new, assembling the pieces into unique reinterpretations. Soulmys is for all of you out there in your 20-30s who are not afraid to show up and seek their path, while learning to enjoy the road, instead of outcome. It’s a choice. My mission is to provide a safe place that would bridge the gap between the outside messy lives & the essential inner needs. I want to empower individuals along their self-care journey, helping them awaken to their full potential.


The awareness to see reality clearly, the focus on the present moment, the curiosity to learn and create.


The inner peace and calm, the alignment of mind, body, and soul, the harmony between self, others and Universe.


The best way to experience happiness, the true calling in life, the courage to be authentic.

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